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Process Modeling: Definition

Posted by keremkosaner on 5 April 2008

   Process Modeling :

The term process model is used in different contexts. For example, in Business process modeling the enterprise process model is often referred to as the business process model. Process models are core concepts in the discipline of Process Engineering.

Process models are processes of the same nature that are classified together into a model. Thus, a process model is a description of a process at the type level. Since the process model is at the type level, a process is an instantiation of it. The same process model is used repeatedly for the development of many applications and thus, has many instantiations. One possible use of a process model is to prescribe how things must/should/could be done in contrast to the process itself which is really what happens. A process model is roughly an anticipation of what the process will look like. What the process shall be will be determined during actual system development.


The goals of a process model are to be:


Descriptive :

                o Track what actually happens during a process.

o Takes the point of view of an external observer who looks at the way a process has been performed and determines the improvements that have to be made to make it perform more effectively or efficiently.

Prescriptive :

                 o Defines the desired processes and how they should/could/might be performed.

                 o Lays down rules, guidelines, and behavior patterns which, if followed, would lead to the desired process performance. They can range from strict enforcement to flexible guidance. Explanatory :

                 o Provides explanations about the rationale of processes.

                 o Explore and evaluate the several possible courses of action based on rational arguments.

 o Establish an explicit link between processes and the requirements that the model needs to fulfill.

                 o Pre-defines points at which data can be extracted for reporting purposes.


Meta-process modeling is a type of metamodeling used in software engineering and systems engineering for the analysis and construction of models applicable and useful some predefined problems. Meta-process support the effort of creating flexible process models. The purpose of process models is to document and communicate processes and to enhance the reuse of processes. Thus, processes can be better taught and executed. Results of using meta-process models are an increased productivity of process engineers and an improved quality of the models they produce.


Business process management (BPM) is a method of efficiently aligning an organization with the wants and needs of clients. It is a holistic management approach that promotes business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility and integration with technology. As organizations strive for attainment of their objectives, BPM attempts to continuously improve processes – the process to define, measure and improve your processes – a ‘process optimization’ process. Business process management life-cycle : Design, Modeling, Execution, Monitoring, Optimization.


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